Feature Overview

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Team up! Web-based interface allows database access for all using only a browser. Simply install the TeamPostgreSQL server on any computer on the network.


  • Web-based client - No installation, access anywhere using simple browser
  • 100% AJAX means fast, responsive and dynamic user interface
  • TeamPostgreSQL server installs anywhere on the organization network
  • SSL supported both for the web interface and for database connections
  • All major platforms supported
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Master your data with unique tools to browse and manage database contents with superior productivity.


  • Quick Query - One-click search through entire databases
  • Navigate data by simply clicking through foreign key references
  • Tabbed SQL editor to simultaneously work with numerous SQL statements
  • SQL editor auto-completion of SQL keywords and schema object names
  • Rich data view for fast, easy and powerful management of data
  • Column-specific widgets simplify in-line row editing
  • Smart assistance, for example, cascading delete on all relations
  • Upload and download files directly to/from binary columns
  • Export/import structure and data of entire databases or single objects
  • Dynamic GUI configurable to preferences and professional profile
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Manage databases, users and database objects, including comprehensive management of tables and views, functions, triggers, and more.


  • Connect to any database on the network
  • SSH supported both for the web interface and for database connections
  • Create and remove databases on existing database servers
  • Manage users, tables and views, functions, triggers, and more
  • Store and run SQL scripts with detailed reports
  • More - try it now!


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Collaborate on designing, developing and maintaining your relational database backend, by sharing access, SQL and more.


  • Share database access across the organization
  • Let testers, managers, support staff and others easily access databases
  • Manage user access based on database priviliges
  • Share SQL scripts, e.g. for easily loading data into test environments
  • Save and share your favorite SQL statements, usable by the whole team
  • More - try it now!
Terms of Use

TeamPostgreSQL is completely free. Donations welcome.